Nava Waxman - March / April 2013

Sarah Phelps - May / June 15, 2013

Dorit Elbaz - August / October 2013

Osnat Tzadok - November 2013

Mala Sennik - December 2013 / March 2014

Tanya Klochkov - April / May 2014

Haia Hason - September 21 / October 16 2014

Kadishman Menashe - Ongoing Exhibit

Haim Goldenberg - October 19 / November 16 2014

Nava Waxman

March / April 2013

Nava Waxman Born in Beer Sheva, Israel, Nava Waxman moved to Canada in 2003. She is a self-taught artist and holds a Bachelor's degree in Social Science and Communications. In 2005, Nava began to show her work publically at exhibitions and galleries throughout North America and Europe. Her work is held in numerous public and private collections. Nava's Mission Statement: "My awareness is expressed through my work in issues around the body, along with nature and abstract elements. My work explores symbolic mapping systems with the objective to express visual form to abstract thoughts and feelings, emphasizing sexual and spiritual energy.Awareness of the body's form is explored through the creation of disparate parts, familiar yet strange, animate and inanimate, inviting recognition while remaining enigmatic and open. Body parts, objects, calligraphy, nature and biological entities are echoed, creating a distinction between things that are not yet clear and where boundaries between identities are fluid. I work with various medium such as drawing, painting, collage and calligraphy. The work is entirely based on my existence and personal perception about my identity as a woman. I seek to release the female form from its stereotypical state, which is often limited due to preconceptions. In doing so, I transform the familiarity of the subject from its literal identification to a metaphorical, visual perception. I challenge myself to create a relationship between oppositional forces and how they transform the "recognized" image into an anthropomorphic object".

Sarah Phelps

May 28 to June 15, 2013

"I have a vibrant passion for creativity; in art, wellness, and the environment. Diversity is key. I am a minimalist with a colorful twist and organic flare. I thrive on inspiring and motivating others, drawing inspiration from everyone, and every thing.   At a very young age, I discovered my natural creativity through drawing, painting, and sculpting. This enabled me to express my talents through art classes, and exhibit my pieces at local galleries. Although my artistic side was always prominent, I also had a love for wildlife, nature, and the environment and pursued a career in Wildlife Biology for over 10 years. During this journey I continued to paint, evolving my techniques, allowing my environmental experiences to influence my paintings. I also perused a career in health and fitness and started my own business, educating and coaching clients towards a healthy body, mind, and spirit.  I  am now focusing my energy on painting, deeply immersing, and embracing my artistic talents. Painting is a meditative state, as I allow my emotions and spirit to penetrate into my pieces. My work is an evolution of spirit, always changing and evolving, open for interpretation of any kind. Building up texture, combining eye-catching and soul-stirring colors, creating a story for the viewer. A message. Evolve, create, and share. This is my passion."

Osnat Tzadok

November 2013

Osnat is a self-representing wolrd known Canadian artist. She is best known for her large-size Landscape, Abstract and Contemporary paintings, but she mostly enjoys the combination of these three. Most of Osnat's paintings and ideas are inspired by the nature around her, human emotions, sensibility, and invigoration. This inspiration is well emphasized by the titles of her creations. Painting is a big part of Osnat's life routine. Osnat is noted for her excellence in creating a sequence of images, that when put together, make a visual celebration to the eye and mind. Her artworks are collected by art connoisseurs the world over, hangs in galleries, homes and businesses across the globe including Canada, The United States, Australia, Europe, Greece, Jordan, Japan, China, United Arab Emirates, to name a few. Osnat: "I have been honored to have had my artwork chosen for numerous book covers, as labels for a limited collectable edition of Ramim wines, to have been featured in television shows and Hollywood movies. The greatest honor, though, is that people choose my creations for their homes, by that inviting me into their lives. There is no better compliment."

Mala Sennik

December 2013

Mala’s artistic development has included many different experiences which range from continuous learning of techniques and methods from professional mixed media artists at various art schools and studios and her own experimentation with an array of materials and acrylic mediums. Her creative process is the spontaneous result of a deep feeling of the beauty that stems purely from nature and the simplicity of formal content. Recently, she has turned her attention towards the elements of texture and shapes that are present in our everyday surroundings and serve as tremendous inspiration for her art. 

Tanya Klochkov

April / May 2014

Tanya Klochkov was born in Ukraine, lived in Israel and moved to Canada in 2002. She completed a Fine Arts Painting Certificate program through George Brown College in Toronto and is constantly pursuing art education with professional artists in Toronto, such as:  Bianka Guna, Brian Smith, Lila Lewis Irving and others. Tanya participated in number of juried and non-juried group exhibitions. Her favourite themes are abstract painting and figurative abstraction. 

Artist statement: "Sea Silhouettes" is a series of figurative abstraction small scale works.  People are one of my subjects in abstract painting and this time I wanted to create colourful female figures. To make them recognizable I focused on their forms, rather than on the lights and shadows creating silhouettes-like images. For the reference I have used my graphite sketches made from models in the open studio. Faces do not have facial details intently to make female images less personal and with a touch of mystery. I love bold bright colours and wanted to create energetic and lively mood in these paintings. The colours have been inspired by the sea, coral reefs and tropical fish which I love to watch in aquariums and in nature. In my works I usually use more than one medium to make it interesting. In "Sea Silhouettes" series I have combined watercolours, gouache and ink pens. You will find wet on wet techniques, dry brush and stamping.

Haia Hason

Woman of Valour

September 21 to October 8, 2014

About Haia Hason: Haia was born in Israel when that country was barely five years old.  As a child, her parents moved constantly, epitomizing the Wandering Jew.  First to Brazil, then to Montreal, and finally to Toronto.  Eventually, Haia made Aliyah, settling on a kibbutz in the Beit Shean Valley where she lived for about 17 years and became a member of the Kibbutz Artists Union. In 1989, Haia and her young family moved to Toronto.

While suitcases were often packed and transported, a garb that was constant was the garb of art. It served simultaneously both as her physical and inner world. Art was uninterrupted. Throughout the years, Haia married, raised children worked and studied.  As significant, was the struggle to not only create, but also to convey a sense of meaning through the visual arts, thereby connecting to the viewer. It is a process that has led Haia to believe that one does not choose to make art insofar as one does not choose to breathe. Haia creates art because it is who she is, like an inseparable twin sibling. Currently, Haia is drawn to materials that interact with each other on surfaces. They don't stand alone, but rather engage with each other hopefully leading to layers of textures and personal meaning, all the while drawing the viewer in. Haia has taught and studied visual arts for many years emphasizing not only technique but also inner connection to meaning.  Haia has exhibited, and past works are held in private collections.