Personal Kabbalah Jewelry

It is believed that 72 unique combinations of Hebrew letters have spiritual powers (‘Segula’) that can help people. Each combination of Hebrew letters has its unique spiritual believe to strength, heal or protect certain aspect in life. The ‘4 Women Gallery’ jeweler can craft a custom personalized Kabbalah Jewelry in silver or gold for you or as a special gift for a close person. The Kabbalah jewelry can fit both men and women. Our most popular design is a leather necklace with a sterling silver pendant on which we print:

  • One Jewish symbol usually a Hamsa (hand)
  • One combination of Hebrew letters
  • The first Hebrew letter of the person who will wear the necklace
  • 14K gold dot

The following are the most commonly used combinations:

Guarding and protecting. Protects from the evil eye and from envy.

Ideal match, making friends, conference, association, union, the will to advance, becoming close to others, real connections, idealization of things, developed imagination. The strengthening of existing relationships. Enrichment, spiritual growth. A match made in heaven, a business match, marriage.

Mind and body medicine. Protects from chronic fatigue and functional impairments. Protects from physical illness and physical or emotional pain. Encourages cleansing. Heals borderline personality disorder. This name can also be applied to with a request to heal another person.

Plenitude and income, success, wealth, fortune and blessing. Supervising the ego. Neutralizes financial barriers. Cancels debt.

Aids sexuality and abates impotence, arouses lust and devotion. Selfishness, lover’s devotion, easy prey, deception. Encourages spiritual and holy practice. Purifying sexual passion, sexual energy and lust.

Encourages new beginnings and optimism. Protects from helplessness, horror, desperation, guilt, mental illness.

Strengthens love and relationships. Free love. Love of humanity. Achieving happiness. Relieving bitterness and resentment. Eradicating hate. Encourages marriage, parenthood and making friends.

Strengthens confidence and faith, strengthens certainty. Removes feelings of guilt.