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4 Women Gallery is proud to host women empowerment events. For more details please call Ayala at (647) 293 7396.


"Examining the Image of Women in Art:  The Secret Passage to Understanding Western Civilization"

November 3, 2014 at 7 pm / An inspiring lecture by Haia Hason 

Haia Hason: "Ayala Raiter's 4 Women Gallery is unique. It has a quiet, organic and powerful energy to it. It reflects women in that her original jewellery pieces are also organic, powerful and unique.  It is very natural to therefore focus the lecture on women throughout art history - which is inexorably tied to history per se. Specifically, the hour and a half will include images and explanations not only of how women have been portrayed but examines the context of why they have been depicted as such. Beginning with the Rebirth of Art in the Renaissance, and leading to Post-Modern times, women as the artist's muse have been glorified, vilified; viewed erotically or as saints. There will be time to take questions as well from the audience."

Light refreshment will be served.

Admission: $20

PLEASE RSVP by October 30, 2014  /  Email:   /  Phone: (647) 293-7396